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Intelligent Solutions for Automotive Business

AIS Nordic is the market leader for high quality VRM look-up and car databases for the Nordic market. AIS Nordic is the only supplier to provide this services for both Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland.  

With help of AIS products you can relieve your organization a lot of "necessary evil" and instead focus resources to streamline and expand its business in the really important areas. As VeSystems supplemented with VeCloud, AIS now has a solution for every need, big or small.

The company

AIS Nordic is founded by Target Automotive Information Systems Ltd., a Canadian company established 2006 working with information systems and consulting services for the automotive business. AIS-Nordic is the sub-department handling the VRM look-up, vehicle data and consultancy for the Nordic market which from 2013 is taken over by Automotive Information Systems Limited (Hong Kong).

Business concept

AIS business concept is to develop, maintain and distribute information systems for the automotive business. Significant for all AIS systems is that they always are developed on the basis of well known needs and substantial demands. This way of work means that AIS always offer stabile systems in a user friendly environment and last but not least a high cost efficiency which give the customer best return of investment.


AIS started when the demand for a well-structured, neutral, high-quality license plate number linked vehicle database were increasing. Companies saw the need, but few had the resources to develop systems in-house. While them who already have systems up and running saw increasing costs for maintenance and development, not least because the search for accurate vehicle data is becoming increasingly complex. 


The mission has been that as far as possible eliminate the problems above. The assignment was to develop a variety of systems and services with great precision, quick return of investment and with an improved efficiency for customers in various areas. On this basis, a number of products have been developed.


AIS currently have three business areas.

Plug-in systems for license plate number links, vehicle databases and Vehicle information for the Nordic countries. 

AIS VeCloud
Web services based systems for license plate number links, vehicle databases and Vehicle information for the Nordic countries for easy access and  real time updates.

AIS Enterprise
Customer-unique solutions in areas such as statistics and technical vehicle information and also consulting, particular in business-related IT.


For futher information about AIS products and services, see our brochures (click here) or contact us by phone or e-mail (click here).

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